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Thursday 18 June 2009 - It's Official, KOOSA Kids are Ofsted Outstanding!

KOOSA Kids Holiday Club in Ascot and After School and Holiday Club at Birch Hill School have both received Ofsted Outstanding grades in the last few weeks.

As I am sure you can imagine we are extremely proud of this achievement as we have been working towards this goal for the past four years.  Although all of our previous Ofsted inspections have been of at least a ‘Good’ standard, these latest inspection reports do clearly indicate that we have managed to improve the quality of childcare on offer to the highest possible level.  

As part of the holiday club inspection at Ascot Heath Junior School, the inspector commented;

“Overall the quality of the provision is outstanding.  Energetic, well-informed and meticulous leadership underpins the excellent relationships and ethos which characterise this outstanding play-scheme.  Although the club has been registered for less than a year, managers and staff have already established rigorous welfare arrangements.  As a result, children feel confident, successful and safe, and their enjoyable club activities make a very positive contribution to their learning.  One child understandably commented, ‘I’d be here all the time if I could’.

Receiving an 'outstanding' Ofsted grade is relatively unprecedented territory in the out of school childcare sector.  It is widely acknowledged due to stringent staff qualification criteria and early years foundation stage learning and development requirements, that 'outstandings' are notoriously hard to attain. They also go a long way to assisting KOOSA Kids in our overall aim of proving that it is possible to provide outstanding quality childcare at an affordable price.

Please also rest assured that we do not intend to sit on our laurels and are very much focussed on achieving ‘outstanding’ grades at all of our Ofsted registered venues.  We will of course also continue to ensure your children are not only safe and well looked after, but they also have as much fun as possible during their time with us.

The KOOSA Kids Team

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