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Thursday 09 August 2012 - KOOSA Kids Holiday Club at Bohunt School, Liphook is Ofsted Outstanding

It’s official, KOOSA Kids holiday club at Bohunt School is Oftsed Outstanding

Our Bohunt Holiday Club in Liphook was subject to an unannounced inspection by Ofsted during week one of the summer holidays on 26th July 2012.

The inspector was present at the club for most of the day, interviewing staff, observing and speaking to children, seeking the views of parents and thoroughly reviewing our systems, paperwork and procedures to ensure they provided the best level of care for children attending.

The inspector found that not only was the overall effectiveness of the early years provision outstanding, but also found that every area of leadership and management and the overall outcomes for children were also outstanding.

The inspector commented

'Overall the provision is Outstanding.  All children are extremely happy and settled.  They participate fully in an extensive range of activities designed to promote their learning and development significantly in all areas through play.  All the required documentation is in place and maintained meticulously; self evaluation is accurate and the management team demonstrate a high commitment to ambitious improvement.  Children are robustly safeguarded as extensive procedures for recruitment and selection ensure that the adults have the relevant experience and training to care for the children'

We are absolutely thrilled with this inspection grading as we have long felt that the club at Bohunt School was delivering a high level childcare whilst not forgetting we are a holiday club and that the children are there, first and foremost, to have fun.

This takes the total number of Outstanding Ofsted grades achieved by KOOSA Kids over the past four years to five.  This is a record unrivalled in the out of school sector and one that we are rightly very proud of.

You can read the full report here.

Many Thanks

The KOOSA Kids Team

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