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Wednesday 17 August 2016 - What's Happening at Your Local KOOSA Kids Club - 30th August to 2nd September

Here is your weekly reminder of all the fantastic activities taking place at your local KOOSA Kids holiday club from Tuesday 30th August to Friday 2nd September.

Our Theme for the Week is
 'When I Grow Up'

What does your child want to be when they grow up?  A doctor, a fireman, a sports star, the Prime Minister?  Well that's the theme we will be exploring with all of the children throughout next week.

A whole host of themed games and activities are on offer including Police Painting, Graduation Cricket, Make a Hat, Commute to the City, Career Colouring, My Dream House, Don't be Late, Learning to Drive and of course our themed Go Kart activity Formula 1 Heroes!

For a full list of games and activities on offer (per age group) throughout the summer please click here.


  Wet 'n' Wild's

Remember Wet ‘n' Wild special activity days are weather dependant so will only be scheduled a maximum of a week in advance.  

Looking ahead to next week, the forecast is looking good, particularly towards the back end of the week, so fingers cross for Wet 'n' Wilds across all venues.  Please remember to pack a full change of clothes, towel and children are welcome to bring in water soakers.  Wet 'n' Wild's are of course optional.

If the weather changes at all, we may have to cancel at very short notice, so please like us on facebook or follow us on twitter for the very latest updates.

See below for a full schedule of where and when;

Venue Wet 'n' Wild Date
Waingels College, Woodley Thursday 1st September
Court Moor School, Fleet Thursday 1st September
Orleans Park School, Twickenham Thursday 1st September
Shene Sports Centre, East Sheen Thursday 1st September
Teddington Sports Centre, Teddington Thursday 1st September
Whitton Sports Centre, Whitton Thursday 1st September

Our ‘Fantastic Friday' fancy dress theme is When I Grow Up

Fancy dress ideas include doctors, nurses, sports stars, police officers, pop stars, fireman, film stars and much more!

Remember ‘Fantastic Friday' is optional and prizes will be awarded for the best outfits on show.  For a full list of Fantastic Friday fancy dress days over the entire summer please click here.

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