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Tuesday 28 June 2016 - The Cost of Summer Holiday Childcare.

As the summer holiday approaches, parents are preparing themselves for the additional expense that finding the right childcare entails.
During the seven weeks of the summer, many of us have to make a choice; paying for childcare so that we can go to work or spending money on keeping the children entertained at home.
Others, required to work, don’t have a choice and with limited family around to support childcare requirements we face a continuing battle to find secure, affordable, quality childcare.

Research by the Day Care Trust on Holiday Childcare Costs in 2015 showed that the average weekly cost of Holiday Club childcare in the South East is £137.94 rising to £224.34 if using a childminder. Additionally, there can be a perception that in finding a Holiday Club you can afford, will result in compromised quality. 

At KOOSA Kids, we believe in offering our customers great value at only £104.65 for a 48.75 hour week (almost 25% cheaper than the South East Average) and outstanding quality (with five Ofsted Outstanding grades in 2015 alone).

Don’t compromise when it comes to your child's holiday club childcare, always ensure you are getting both great value and outstanding quality.

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