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Thursday 14 October 2010 - KOOSA Kids invited to Westminster to feed into EYFS Review

Last week, Lee Partner, Development Director for KOOSA Kids was invited up to the Department of Education to feed into Dame Clare Tickell’s review of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

Out of School Clubs (holiday, after school and breakfast clubs) have had an uneasy relationship with the EYFS framework from the outset.  The original EYFS documentation included little to no mention of out of school club settings at all, instead focusing most examples and case studies on school, nursery and pre-school provision.  Right from the start we were left feeling that we were subject to a framework that had paid little to no attention to the various nuances of our sector.

There is a direct conflict between the EYFS and one of the major goals of an out of school club provider.  Although of course we are always on hand to provide a vital resource for busy working parents, we feel very strongly that for your children, we should be totally focused on providing a safe environment to allow children to do what they do best, play! 

The EYFS framework however, directs us to provide a learning and development framework to children whilst they are with us.  Although any ‘learning’ or  ‘development’ in our clubs is provided in a very subtle fashion, we do feel that any ‘education’ framework is best provided by educational establishments (schools, nurseries and pre schools) and children that attend clubs such as our own should be left to enjoy their play and leisure time, within the safe and organised confines that we are able to provide.  This situation becomes slightly more bizarre when you consider that we are only directed to provide this framework to children in our setting that are aged four, or indeed five if their fifth birthday falls before 31st August, yet we cater for children right up to the age of 13.

The EYFS review will no doubt be a long and complex process as much of the EYFS is enshrined in legislation, however it is very encouraging that KOOSA Kids have a voice and the possibility to effect some change.  Watch this space for further updates over the coming months.

Lee Partner

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