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Saturday 26 September 2009 - Another Ofsted Outstanding for KOOSA Kids

Fantastic News!  Our holiday and after school club at Meadow Vale Primary School in Bracknell was inspected by Ofsted over the Summer and was awarded their highest grade possible......Outstanding!

 An Ofsted inspector made an unannounced visit to Meadow Vale School on 26th August and spent the day observing the staff and children.  The inspection was very rigorous and all of our policies and procedures were placed under the microscope to ensure we are offering the best level of care to your children.

Herer is just a snippet of what the Ofsted inspector had to say;

"Overall the quality of the provision is outstanding. The policies and procedures in place are cohesive and are acted upon securely by confident and professional staff, in order to promote a safe, happy and inclusive environment for the children who attend. Through purposeful activities and a strong staff understanding of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework children flourish in their achievement and learning; and develop confidence and self esteem. The club are fully aware of the need to evaluate their provision of care. They seek the views of the children who attend, the club and parents whist considering their strengths and are proactive in striving for continuous improvement"

This takes the total number of Ofsted Outstanding grades awarded to KOOSA Kids in the last 6 months to three.  This is a record that is completely unrivalled in the children's out of school sector and one that we are unbelieveably proud of. 

The KOOSA Kids Team

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