Age Groups

In order for your child to get the most out of their time at KOOSA Kids, they will be grouped with children of a similar age. Each age group has it's own identity and is allocated both a Coach and an Assistant Coach, who best suit the need of that particular age group.

All activities are delivered in an age appropriate manner with the emphasis being on fun for our youngest children and more on development the older the children get. (If children specifically want to be with friends or relatives of a different age, subject to the age of the children already attending, it may be possible to arrange this on the day).

Please note: Due to a requirement to maintain regulatory staff to child ratios, age grouping on the day may be subject to change.

For our youngest age group, the emphasis is on fun and play in a caring and safe environment. We use small activity areas, simplified rules and adapted equipment, and encourage all our Krazy K's to have as much fun as possible and to develop at their own pace.

Our middle age group follows a programme of activity that helps them develop their growing sense of interest in everything around them. With age appropriate activities and a huge variety of dynamic equipment and resources on offer, action excitement and discovery await every Kool K.

For our King K's, all the fun and excitement of the Kool K's is retained, but within an environment that encourages independence and individuality. Careful selection of staff ensure that we always get the most out of our eldest age group. Recently introduced, our King K's have free choice over the activities they wish to take part in throughout the day. Please see King K's (year 4 to year 8) for more information.